Friday, April 2, 2010

30 habits that will change your life

I read it. It was so inspiring. I want to follow this. I really do. I need to love myself. All of myself. No matter what. And I think if I take those little measures to make myself feel better and to make me have more energy and to be more ME, I will finally be able to accomplish it.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Im doubling up.

I never got around to last weeks so Im combining them. :]

Here we go!

-My cookie candle. Yumm
-New mini desks
-Photography class
-Katie calling herself a tiny asian
-Helping make invitations for a sweet 16
-Mr. McNally
-Marc and Julie being TWINSSSS

-Kelsea thinking I said pork chops
-Petting the horse heads on set
-Sitting in the auditorium all 1st period talking about random stuff
-Not being in my last period
-HUGE sprite bottles
-MARC! :)
-Talking to Mr. Gordon on the phone for an hour and a half.
-What A Girl Wants


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Sunday, February 28, 2010


Im so glad Radical Self Love Month has been extended. I need it. :]

Time for some more lovinz!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Really really late..


Law & Order Friday in criminal justice class
Having your favorite song stuck in your head
Taking amazing pictures in photography
My visual journal
Radical Self Love Month
Things NOT made in China
NCIS marathons! :)
Pixxi sticks exploding in your pocket
1st period techer who doesnt care when I come in late
Watching amazing scenes preformed by Vicki and Ryan in Theatre
Finally seeing the ground through the snow
When Mrs. Grimes tells off students
New kids named Abby
Waking up early in the morning on the weeked (makes me not feel lazy)


Sunday, February 21, 2010

I kinda like it

So I havent been hungry.. Like at all. And its not like me trying to lose weight by not eating or anything. But I just HAVENT BEEN HUNGRY. So I havent been eating. I mean, I eat when I am hungry. Like the other night I didnt have breakfast, I had a late lunch and I didnt have dinner. And this morning I didnt have much of a breakfast. Like 2 bites of a sandwich thingy. And I had the rest of it for lunch. And I had these little cashew bunches with granola for a snack. :)

This is kinda exciting. I like not being hungry all the time.

AND. I havent been on facebook that much. Im kind of tired of it right now. I get online and Im like okay I have to check my farm and I have to collect rent on my city and I wanna check out her profile and I... Wait.. I dont feel like doing this. So I just log off.

I like not always being on facebook. Id spend like hours on it trying to do everything. And Im tired of it. I want to change myself and I think this is a good change.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

I need help

So Ive been watching The OC non stop for the past 2 days and this is like the first time Ive talked to anyone in the REAL WORLD since school.... So I think this is bad

Im like in love with Ryan. And hes a character. So thats not good.
The show is making me wish I had a move eventful life.
Im really bored with it right now.
I kinda feel like I want to move. Like I want to go some place other than CC.
Which is also bad because I love all my friends.
But I know its not going to be like Im living the life in the show.
I stay up late just to watch it.
Even when I really need sleep.
I had a mental breakdown when I couldnt find Season 2 episode 2 online.
So I went on Itunes and bought it without asking my mom.

This show is ruining me.